Burnt Out and Stressed Out

For a while now I’ve not been happy in game. It’s that pre expansion lull, which I’ve had before but personally I think Blizzard released the 4.3 patch too far away from the MoP release. To put it bluntly, I’m pretty damn bored. I have tried keeping my interest alive by levelling alts, but now Pinkamena is 85 I can’t bear the thought of levelling another alt, even my lvl 82 hunter. The only thing I do still enjoy is raiding. Not LFR or random pugs, I like raiding with my guildies. We tend to clear normal DS in one night now, leading to a fun alt run not long ago, but I’d also like to try some heroic modes. But this is where the problem is.

My guild is a ‘mature’ guild. Most of our members are adults with jobs, kids and other responsibilities. And I’m guessing there may be some burn out there too. Which means a lot of raids are being cancelled, with only four or five sign ups. On the occasions we have 7 or 8 sign ups we will pug in a few members, but that tends to mean we don’t try HC modes. I can’t actually remember the last time we had an entirely guild run. And it’s gotten to the point where I’m not sure what to do any more.

Today I spent the afternoon on Pinkie, and took the plunge and after getting enough VP to replace my crappy green trunket, I did LFR for the first time. Both parts. I got the shoulder token to replace the blue ones I was wearing, and a ring, but I ended up losing the staff from Deathwing to a 390+ geared Balance Druid. I guess it was the straw that broke the camels back.

I logged off and just don’t have the will to log back on. There is no raid tonight, so I’m sat at home waiting for pizza and watching antique programs.

Like I say, I don’t know what to do. The options before me are quitting the game til MoP, or trying to find a guild that is raiding. The thing is I love my guild, I love the people in it, but I don’t love the lack of raids. I don’t want to leave but I want to raid! Ack! And if I take a break, what will I do in the mean time? I just can’t get into SW:TOR, not sure I want to spend money of Tera as I keep buying games that I end up not subbing to for more than a few months.

There is always Diablo 3. I signed up for the annual pass so I get it free, and it’s downloading as I type. I have been waiting for it for a long time, and I’ll be able to keep in touch with people via Real ID.

So anyway, I’m far too stressed out to say this is all about a game! 🙂


Alive, But No Kicking Today Folks!

I did it! I completed the 12 mile challenge!


Graham and I finished it in 5 hours 22 minutes, and whilst I’m not sure about the fastest and the slowest times, I’m happy with that. I’m not that fit, I’m overweight, I have knee problems and yeah, ok, I spend too much time on World of Warcraft (and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, but that’s a whole new post). But I did it! And no epic mount was involved 🙂 The walk was over moorland and trails in the Yorkshire Dales so it was steep in places, but it was enjoyable. And the weather was lovely. I even overcame certain hang ups when I had to find a convenient wall to duck behind…

I won’t lie. Yes, I may have over done things. I was fine until the last few miles, and maybe I should have admitted my limits, but I am a stubborn old boot sometimes and wanted to prove I could do this. As a result my knees are swollen, my right hip is painful and I have a blister the size of a 10p piece on my right foot just behind the ties (about a bit less than an inch for non Brit-Landers). I’m hoping a hot bath and an early night will help, as I have work tomorrow. Yeah, I only took one day off. Oops.

G, of course, being skinny and fitter has nary a twinge, but I won’t hate him too much for that.

But screw the pain! I have raised £55 for a good cause (so far), and have proven something to myself (that I’m either strong mentally or I’m batshit, I’m swinging towards the latter).

And I have a medal. Booyah.

Alive and Kicking!

Just a quick update. I survived my holiday on the Isle of Man, came back with a new tattoo and am now gearing up for the Cave Rescue Organisation 12 Mile Challenge on Saturday. I’m still not convinced I won’t die, but never mind, don’t know til you try!

Anyway, I’ve decided to put a link to my Just Giving page here. Yes, that is my real name, but I’ve not got anything to fear or hide, and I’ll remove the link after Saturday.

Morrigu’s Just Giving Page

I’m not going to force any of you to sponsor me, but if anyone does the CRO does a lot of good for many people and they depend on donations.

Anyway, wish me luck!