Good News! But A Whole Other Worry.

Well after my last post there has been much discussion on our guild forum, resulting in a brilliant DS run last night. People signed up in good time (we even had to bench one as we were 11 rather than 10), we started on time and we were all prepared. We sailed through the first 4 bosses (buff turned OFF), then managed to down Ultraxion in 3 tries. I won my tier pants. Well actually I won a few things but I gave the others away because I didn’t want to be greedy. Yeah, I’m daft like that. I can say the whole thing on board the ship is damn confusing though, so we need to work on that.

But after the joys of last night come the worries of today. Last August I had what I thought was two nasty stomach bugs about a week apart. After the second one I hadn’t been able to eat more than a few mouthfuls for a week or so afterwards, and was very tender on the right hand side of my stomach. So I went to the Doctors who sent me straight to hospital for tests. I was given fluids and an anti nausea drug, which helped me start eating again, and all tests done there were normal, so it was decided I needed an abdominal scan. It was done at a later date in September as an outpatient. Months went passed and finally in November I got a letter saying they needed to discuss my scan with me. I had an appointment for Dec 13th, which was cancelled on the day. But I was assured I would get another appointment in a few weeks.

I didn’t. It took 3 days of phoning different numbers to finally get the appointment I finally have today. Now I am not thinking I am dying. I’m still sore on the right hand side of my abdomen but it’s bearable. And if I get there and the doctor says “Oh, your scan showed nothing, you’re being discharge” I’ll kill him as that could have been said in a letter. But I am worried. It doesn’t help that the Morecambe Bay Health Trust which runs the hospital I go to has recently been in the news because of…. You guessed it, the high number of appointments being cancelled and not rescheduled in its hospitals. Some of which were for seriously ill patients. It’s not good.

Anyway, I have a few hours of work to do then I’m off to see what’s up. I’ll let you know either way.