Lvl 30: I Still Hate Gnomeregan

Yesterday was a mixed bag for me in game. After running a few Twilight HCs on my DK and Spriest I decided what the hell, I’ll see if I can heal one and logged to my shaman. Zoned into End Time and the first boss was Baine Bloodhoof, who I had only ever faced once before. But it went fine, we lived. Then it was Tyrande. And I suck liked a Dyson. Kept getting hit by the silencing thing, and after two wipes I left in disgrace. How DO I avoid that anyway, never had an issue with it as DPS.

Anyway, feeling foolish I logged onto my Undead Warrior to hide from the shame. Alterac hasn’t altered THAT much it seems, and I duly hit level 30. I decided to try a low level dungeon and joy of joys, it was Gnomeregan. A place that I loathe with a passion.

Back in Vanilla as a hordie you had to do a quest that opened up a transporter in Booty Bay to get there, unless you wanted to run all the way there through hostile territory. But most of the time the transporter was bugged, and it took 30 mins on jumping like a looney to get it to work sometimes. Now getting in is easier, but bloody hell it’s still annoying.

People just jump off edges to get places, which creates all kind of chaos. I zone in, we clear the first few mobs, and the healer tells us to jump down. We do, and…. They don’t follow. We’ve aggroed mobs and the healer just doesn’t jump, and we wipe, at which point said healer starts calling us names. Screw that for a game of soldiers, I dropped the group and had dinner. After dinner I got back, and same thing happens.

So yes, I still hate Gnomeregan. And have probably been spelling it wrong too.