Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines! I hope you all have the day you deserve, and if you don’t then have a big glass of wine, whiskey, Harvey Wallbanger on me.

I’m between my work shifts right now, and as G started work at 6am all I have had so far is him waking me up at 5.30am to say Happy Valentines Day. As it’s the thought that counts I didn’t rip his face off for waking me so early.

Of course at work imagine my joy when I went into one of the rooms I need to remake to be confronted with this:


Heart shaped glitter/metallic confetti . It may not look like much to you but it was EVERYWHERE. Even in the toilet. And the Hoover didn’t like picking it all up. Well, I hope they had a good morning. Not that I want to think about that.

I got G a card and some special heart shaped biscuits. He’s a bugger to buy for, so I usually go for some kind of food. He doesn’t like smelly shower stuff, and his main interest is antiques which I know very little about.


I confess I didn’t make it myself.

Anyway, everyone have a lovely day. I’ve even taken the evening off from raiding 🙂