I Don’t Miss You, But I Miss Your Characters

I apologise now if this turns kind of Emo.

My guild has quite a few couples in it, and I’ve known quite a few couples in the past who have played the game together. I used to part of one.

I got married the first time in 2003 at the ripe old age of 23. We broke up in 2008 and the divorce came through in 2009. Now I’m not going into details about why it didn’t work out, this post isn’t about that. It was amicable at first, but has since deteriorated somewhat. I don’t miss him. I’m much happier now with G. But I do miss one thing. Having someone to play Warcraft with.

Yeah, it’s silly. G is a bit of a technophobe and likes his antiques so he doesn’t play Warcraft. He’s looked over my shoulder whilst I’ve been raiding and wondered what the hell is going on, and when I’m drunk I tell him allllllll about the game, but so far he’s never tried it. He says he will, one day, but I’m not convinced. My ex however used to play all the time. He could never decide what class he wanted to play, so he only ever got a character to max level once, but when he was very good at reading up on classes and could give very good advice. I had someone to boost through dungeons, and up to a point do the same for me. If I needed to grind for something I had someone to help out and reduce the grind time. And best of all, if I was frustrated after a bad group or encounter with an asshole then I could bitch to him and he knew exactly why I was pissed, G tends to ask why I play the game if it annoys me.

So yeah, I miss having someone close to play the game with. For example last night during our raid one of the couples were laughing about their drinks over mumble. I miss that.

So yeah, I don’t miss the ex, but I do miss the in game companionship. Sad, huh?


2 responses to “I Don’t Miss You, But I Miss Your Characters

  1. *hugs*

    It’s not silly or emo at all. I can understand. It’s wonderful to share things like that with those we love.

    It’s also a two edged sword! For a long time I’ve not dared to play with Colt intensely because we’d argue with each other. Ask him sometime about me and him and NWN! It’s only recently that we’ve grown closer in game, and not actually killed each other when doing something together.

  2. Not really all that sad. My ex started playing after we broke up. Honestly I started playing after we broke up. When she moved back in with me (because I was easier to live with than her mother), we would sort of play together, as in at the same time, but while she was playing a Holy Pally on an RP server, I was playing a PvP hunter (on an RP server..wondering why everyone was asking me what I thought about the interpersonal conflicts between Thrall and Jana).
    So, no vent (or mumble), just a shout from the other room “David! Come help me!”

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